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Retirement Bash – Mark Ronnei

Grand View Lodge, Spa & Golf Resort, Nisswa, MN

Mark, his wife, Pat, their family, and friends were thrilled to gather and celebrate Mark’s retirement.

The retirement bash took place on a picture-perfect day at the Grand View Lodge Spa and Golf Resort, Nisswa, Minnesota. A marquee stretched over the chapel lawn, framed by century-old majestic oak trees. Eye-catching colors of navy blue, white, and a hint of yellow shimmered under the brilliant white canvas of the tent.  


The aromas of BBQ ribs and chicken tantalized the air. With live food stations, attended by chefs, carved away at succulent beef tenderloin. An assortment of scrumptious salads and sides graced the buffet tables.  As guests dined,  a live band-The Mraz Brothers kept them thoroughly entertained.


And as the sun dipped over the horizon, guests were ushered into the ballroom for dessert and coffee, followed by touching speeches, high energy, love, and appreciation for Mark Ronnei’s tenure of 43 years.

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