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What My Clients Say

We met with Maurine for our initial meeting and were so impressed with her ability to picture what would work the best for our wedding plans at our venue. We picked the 1920's art deco theme since it was Breezy Point‘s year anniversary. We worked together over the next few months on details of the wedding including the decor, guest list, agenda, coordination of other vendors, and the venue contacts. Maurine is very approachable, friendly, and flexible! There were no bad idea just great suggestions! She was there for the wedding set up and take down and all the details in between. We really could not have pulled off our wedding and all the details without her help. Guests even commented it was the best wedding setup they had ever seen! Thank you so much for all your help with our beautiful wedding day!


Laura Moore

Breezy Point Resort

Breezy Point, MN

Maurine put together a truly memorable event.  She skillfully managed my retirement party, exceeding my expectations. She ensured that all 300 guests had a wonderful evening.  She saw to every detail so that I was able to relax and enjoy myself. Considering that this event was celebrating my 47 years in the hospitality industry, that is really saying something!  I wholeheartedly recommend her event planning services.


Mark Ronnei

Grand View Lodge Spa & Golf Resort 

Nisswa, MN

Maurine was appointed at the last second to be our day-of-wedding coordinator.  She stepped in with confidence, orchestrated the many competing vendors.  She listened to our needs and wishes and made sure the vendors adjusted their plans to meet ours.  She was there from start to finish and mingled with the guests to ensure their complete satisfaction with the event.  She made the entire wedding/dinner a delight for everyone and took all the pressure off us.  She is an absolute delight to work with.


Michael Haley

Father of the bride

Palm Springs, CA

Maurine was an absolute blessing at our wedding.  She helped plan, style, organize, coordinate and execute the whole thing.  Our wedding was complex with many elements and segments to it and spread over several rural locations.  There is no way we could have pulled it off without Maurine.  Not only was Maurine a great wedding planner but also such a joy to work with, a lovely person, and a great source of support.  It was the best day of my life and exceeded all expectations. To this, I am truly grateful to Maurine and her crew.

Dr. Susannah Ward

Rehabilitation Advanced Trainee

 Newcastle, Australia

Founder Ataraxia Collective

I had the pleasure of working with Maurine and thoroughly enjoyed our experience together.  Maurine was organized, punctual, timely in responses, and all the skills you expect of a coordinator. Still, her professionalism and experience set her apart from dozens of others I've worked with.  She negotiated on behalf of the client and went above and beyond to ensure the needs of the bride, groom, family, and guests were met.  She's a delight personally and exceeds all expectations for myself and my clients.  Maurine handled requests that didn’t fall even close to within her ‘job description’ but went out of her way to assist in any way she could.  On the day of the wedding, she was there each step of the way to assist in every way possible.  Her services and experience are absolutely top-notch, and I highly recommend her. 


Rissa Gunderson


Scheme Events, Las Vegas

On the day of my wedding, it was, of course, full of happiness, anxiety, and excitement. From the moment that I met maurine, I knew that we were going to not only have a great day but also have a great relationship. She is SO likable, so lovely, and has a way of making you feel like you are the star of the show. The day before the wedding, we all met and rehearsed. She made everyone feel involved, made everyone feel important, and she made sure to go through the directions however many times we might have needed to. We started my actual wedding day by walking outside to find that it was raining. I couldn’t believe it. Maurine assured me that everything was still working smoothly and that they were moving the venue inside. Without her, and without her amazing ability to take situations and make them work to their fullest potential, I think that my day would have been not so great. She was just as excited about my wedding as I was, and that meant the world to me. I have rarely met someone as lovely, genuine, hardworking, and empathetic as she was. From start to finish, she was there, helping with a smile on her face. I really cannot say enough about Maurine, and anyone who works with her should expect to feel extremely blessed to be taken care of by her. She became not just a day-of coordinator but felt more like another family member at our wedding. So that you Maurine. For all that you do. You made our day as perfect as it could have been.


Jessica & Tyrell

Temecula, CA

Let me start by saying I'm a type-A perfectionist. So you can only imagine when it came to my wedding I wanted it to be perfect. The first day we met with Maurine, her calm demeanor and positive attitude instantly brought my stress level down. She ensured my husband, and I would have the wedding of our dreams. And because of her, we were able to relax and enjoy the process! We were blown away by how above and beyond Maurine went. She fought for us as a couple when our venue tried to charge us more; she took care of all the details I forgot about, regularly checked in with us to see how we were doing and was both positive and supportive. Lastly, she was easy to reach and answered all our questions in a timely manner. Maurine was a true blessing to us and is the only wedding planner I would recommend to my family and friends!


Bridgid and Ricky Floyd 

Las Vegas, NV 

We are delighted to have formed such an excellent association with you and cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and meticulous coordination you do on our behalf.  All of us here at the Dubai World Cup could not be more satisfied with your dedication, level of detail, and accountability that you have consistently demonstrated time and time again. We look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.


Nancy Petch

Executive Coordinator 


After many attempts over the years trying to organise our wedding, my fiancé of 19 years woke up one morning and said, “Let’s go get married in New York.”  I had five days to pull off what I thought would be impossible. We reached out to friends to find someone to help us organise our day; this is when Maurine came into our lives. After telling her about our plans, I was sure that she would say impossible—I was so wrong. Two days later, I received a call from Maurine; everything was in place: the flowers, the limo, the licence, city hall, and the reception venue.   All we had to do was get to New York— and we did.

It was a cold February day, a blanket of snow covered the ground, but thanks to Maurine, our day was wrapped in a bubble of warmth, fueled by love and kindness.  Her incredible composure certainly helped us relax so that we could focus on enjoying our day. It was such a magical day, beautifully put together and without a doubt the happiest day of our lives, something I don't think we will ever experience again. Maurine, we can not thank you enough; what you did for us was not only impossible but miraculous.

Vee & Carlo. 

New York, USA 


Thank you very sincerely for your expert services in the production of my fiftieth birthday celebrations. You did a superb job of orchestrating the smallest of details and always had a ready smile.


As a man of great expectation, I've had the opportunity to attend hundreds of events literally, but none have compared to the seamless flow of my three-day birthday celebrations. The amount of time you put into the implementation, from planning to set-up to clean-up, was exceptional. It is clear, your dedication, professionalism, and love for what you do contribute significantly to the success of the entire festivities.


Rajen Kilachand

Dubai, UAE

Maurine, you were absolutely amazing. Thank you for being there from the start right through to the finish. You were so patient, not only with me but with both sets of parents, a challenge-in-itself. You handled everything with such grace and professionalism. A day we will always cherish.

Naomi and Chris 

Dubai, UAE

We have found Maurine, to be honest, straightforward, and professional in the business dealings we have had with her. Her level of service and professionalism has been of the highest standards. Each team member provided by her corporation demonstrated tremendous skills and proficiently conducted business. Her attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and ability to get a job done were handle efficiently and confidently.


Roger Swan

Public Graphics,

Dubai, UAE

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